Italian Roots and Genealogy

Comparing Italians and Italian Americans

November 13, 2021 Elena Frigenti Season 2 Episode 48
Italian Roots and Genealogy
Comparing Italians and Italian Americans
Italian Roots and Genealogy +
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Show Notes

Bob talks with Elena Frigenti from Franky In New York about Italians living in America and her project to connect Italians and Italian Americans.

Franky in New York is an IRS recognized 501 c3 not for profit organization founded to spread the Italian culture, or “coolture” as we prefer to name it because we consider cultural stuff a cool thing. We put together Italians and Italian Americans together through these four elements: words, beauty, food and friendship.

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Elena Frigenti and Massimo Basile, are both Italian journalists with thirty years of experience. We come from Tuscany (Firenze and Livorno) but have lived in Rome for twenty years before moving to NYC in September 2018. From the States, we write as correspondents for daily newspapers, magazines and press agencies.

If you’re wondering why we chose to brand us as “Franky in New York”, here’s the answer. First of all, the name is a tribute to Frank Sinatra, a great Italian American and a fulgid example of persistence. Besides, Franky is also one the most common names among Italian Americans, while New York is actually the city where any dream can come true. As Frank Sinatra sang, “If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere”…

Want to keep in touch with Franky? Tell us your story, your memories, your projects? Email to!

Italian Marketplace LLC
Online tee shirts, hoodies and more for Italians

Growing Up Italian American-Visco
Wonderful book the chronicles two Italian Americans over several decades.

Were You Always Italian
"One of the best books about the immigrant experience in America unique and gracefully written."

Italians of Pennsylvania
History of Italian-Americans in Pennsylvania

Italian Americans: A History
Richly researched, beautifully illustrated book illuminates an important, part of American history.

Farms, Factories, Italian American Women
Documents the rich history of Italian American working women in Connecticut.

Growing Up Italian American-Iannuccilli
Great stories about growing up Italian in America

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