Italian Roots and Genealogy

Retire in Italy with Elective Residency Visa

February 10, 2022 Marco Bersani Season 3 Episode 6
Italian Roots and Genealogy
Retire in Italy with Elective Residency Visa
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The Elective Residence Visa Italy is an Italian Visa program:
The Visa lets You live in Italy or retire in Italy and live without working.

Suppose you have stables and consistent passive incomes from your home country.
In that case, You can come to Italy and enjoy the famous Italian “Dolce Vita. “

And yes, this option may also comprehend all Your family members.


Bersani Law Firm Mission is clear. 

We will assist our clients, with our team of Italian Citizenship Lawyers and Italian Immigration Lawyers, to claim their rights.

The mission is to solve all issues they can find on their Italian Citizenship Applications or Italian VISA Procedures, or their Civil Rights.

Your happiness is our success.


Bersani Law Firm has its main office in Italy, Verona, and secondary representative offices in Madrid, London, NYC, Los Angeles, and Dubai.

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(Cont.) Retire in Italy with Elective Residency Visa